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Influencer Marketing

What is social influencer marketing?

A social media influencer is someone who wields that influence through social media. The form of influence can vary and no two influencers are the same. The right influencer can reach your target audience, build trust, and drive engagement. They create original, engaging content.

Our mission is to grow this category and also protect it. We have defined this cause as Authentic Connections’. Meaning that we will dig into the real story of a brand and the true motivations of their campaign. From here we shall explore the worlds, lives and movements of influencers so that we can discover where there are real touch points. Making a match that is sincere and spot-on.

We find match potential to co-create something with our client that is true for both ourselves and you. This makes it inclusive and real. This way we keep thinking fresh, real and authentic. This is exactly what was missing in the realm of advertising, media and communication industry.

Mandy Rootman, who has a massive networking branch, inspires our partners and clients on a daily basis with her infallible knowledge of brand relations and infectious energy. She leads a fast-paced, hard-working team whose success is reflected in our impressive, varied array of work.

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