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Public Relations

Ever walked into a room and felt like someone passed a comment to their friend about what you were wearing? Just like getting dressed every day sends a message to the people who see you – you must open that proverbial brand closet and decide what you want the world to think of your brand too!

Perhaps we need to redefine ‘Public Relations’ to ‘public perception management.’ The way your audience perceives you is much more powerful than how you may try to persuade them to see you with hardcore advertising. Making a lasting impression, a good impression, is far more beneficial to the success of your brand through your actions than throwing hard and fast adverts at your audience with little or no room for your brand to walk the walk.

Public relations can be a somewhat binding term, But when we look at all that it encompasses, it is indeed very vast and in the context of your business can be seen as the task of walking into your garden and watering your bright beautiful flowers in bloom or trying to resurrect wilted and shriveled up plants.

Our job is to help keep your garden in bloom and in the event that one or two flowers may start to shrivel, we can help revive it with the correct tools and strategy by assessing the cause and acting accordingly.

Public Relations is an ongoing task, one that we tackle head on. With a network of preferred suppliers, industry professionals, influencers, media contacts and a reach of over 500 000 stakeholders that we have accumulated over our years of experience in the industry and networking initiatives – we give our clients the upper hand in reaching audiences and setting an exemplary lasting impression.

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